Our Company

The DenBar Food Group takes pride in bringing you premium products at competitive prices. We not only supply Brittany Acres quality products, but also offer a wide range of services to the North American market. These services include research and development, marketing, manufacturing assistance, customized programs in conjunction with your company requirements and distribution.

Our Products

The DenBar Food Group product line includes a wide assortment of I.Q.F. Stove-Top and Microwave meal offerings. Each product is fully cooked and seasoned for easy preparation and multi-service flexibility. Our recipes include the integration of premium frozen vegetables, starches and proteins. Seasoning is provided through a unique technology which delivers excellent product coverage and performance. These recipes include Beef, Chicken, Meatballs, Seafood, Turkey, Vegetarian product is offered in an assortment of packaging options. All Quality Assurance “best practices” are guaranteed by The DenBar Food Group.